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Basic Rules of Ice Hockey


Hockey is played on the ice and with two teams of 6 players. There are five skaters and a goalkeeper. A regular hockey team consists of twenty players. Twelve forwards, six defensemen and two goalkeepers. There is no time restriction on the ice hockey, player changes can be made as many as they want. Ice hockey consists of three periods, first, second and third, all of these periods last for a total of 20 minutes.

If the score is tied at the end of the regulation of game, overtime period is played. If a goal is scored in this period, the game is considered to be over. Each overtime period is 20 minutes. The game continues, when a goal is scored. If after the overtime period the game is still tied, shoot-outs are started. Both teams have three shooters. If after the three shooters the game is still tied, golden goal rule is used.

If boarding, slashing, delay of game, interference, goal tender interference, hooking, tripping, roughing, elbowing, cross checking, holding, kneeing, spearing, unsportsmanlike conduct happen, the players are punished for 2 minutes. When a team is penalized and the level of the penalty is given, the opponent is given a power play. This means that the other team will play with few players for a certain period of time. If the power play team scores a goal, the power play is considered to be over. If the team playing with fewer players scored a goal, power play continues.

Penalty in ice hockey

Penalty will be rewarded if the player of the offensive player is blocked by the opponent player while shooting. These obstacles can be pulling, tripping, or holding opponents with a stick. Also, if the goaltender throws his stick at the player, the player is given a penalty shoot-out.

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