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Hockey World in Canada


The Birth of Hockey

When you hear the word of “hockey”, the ice hockey will come to your mind firstly. Ice hockey was first played by Northern Europeans in the middle ages. In the mid-19th Century, the first official hockey game started in Canada in primitive form is thought to have been played in Kingston, Ontario in 1855. The first record in the record was edited by Robertson, a university student in 1865. Robertson then developed the first rules of ice hockey. According to the rules, the teams consisted of nine players and a square pak.

A committee gathered in Montreal foresees the game to be played with twelve-person teams. In 1909, the national hockey committee decided to reduce the number of players to six. In 1893, the Stanley Cup started. The best hockey team has been awarded the Lord Stanley award, and this decision has been up to date since those days. The NHL was instrumental in further expanding the game in the US and Europe.

The game proved very popular and was part of the Olympics until 1920. In 1924 he was included in the Winter Olympics. In 1998, women’s hockey was also included in the Olympics. Since then, hockey has hit its mark on history with growing popularity around the world. The sport, which was once bounded by the US and Canada, is now becoming a global sport.

Canada Effect on Ice Hockey

Canada is taking place of world ranking in men and women. Canadian men’s team have 3690, women’s team have 3 840 points in the first place. Canada is followed by Russia and Sweden for men and the United States and Finland for women. Finally, we can say Canada and the USA are two of the most important countries for ice hockey and there are millions of supporters.

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