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NHL 2017-2018 Ice Hockey Season


NHL Season

It is the organization where ice hockey is played at the highest level in America. The NHL is generally divided into two conferences, from the 15th team to the east and the west. Each conference is organized by 3 groups of 5 teams. The NHL was founded in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in 1917, with four teams. Nowadays, 24 teams consist of 30 teams from USA and 6 teams from Canada.

Unlike the other ice hockey leagues in the NHL, there is no chance of a match in the games played. If the teams can not break equality at the end of normal training, the winners are determined by playing extensions.

Ice Hockey Fundamentals

Like Ice Hockey, it is a sport or game played with two sets on the ice. The players wear hockey skates and try to control the puck with hockey sticks. The players find the numbers by throwing them in the fence. Six players, one of whom is a goalkeeper, play without a break. Originally, there are more than 20 players in a team. If a player violates the rules, the referee will penalize the team for a period of 5 players.

26 × 56 mt. It is played in a wide area. It consists of three circuits of 15 or 20 minutes. Finally, we can say the NHL is the highest – level organization of ice hockey in the USA and it’s one of the most popular sport organizations of the world under today’s conditions. Millions of people from different countries of the world follow NHL games and ice hockey world today.

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