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The History of Field Hockey


Field hockey is the main branch of hockey, the world’s most popular sport after football. The hockey played in history for the first time is field hockey. Field hockey has significant contests for women and men in international tournaments. There are Olympics, World Hockey Cup and annual World Cup among these tournaments.

Short Information About Field Hockey

Field hockey is the most popular kind of hockey. Field hockey team consists of 11 players. It isn’t exact when this sport appeared. However, it is a fact that the history of hockey is based on ancient civilization. A picture found in Egypt describes two players with curved sticks in their hands and standing like hockey players. The Arabians, the ancient Greeks, the Persians and the Romans also have their own hockey games. The first archives of field hockey among South Americans and in England were based on 1277.

Field hockey was very popular in British schools in the 19th century. There is evidence in the document of 1861 that the first hockey club was founded in London. Another London hockey club, Teddington, has changed the rules of field hockey. These changes are the prohibition of using hand and lifting the stick upward from the shoulders and to use a rubber cube instead of ball. All these changes have also affected the rules of the newly established Hockey Union in London. Field hockey has spread to the Far East and the whole world, especially thanks to the British army. It also drew interest among the ladies after a while.

In hockey international matches started in 1895. Since 1971 a World Cup has been organized in every four years. Women’s hockey matches have been continuing regularly since 1895. International matches start in the 1970s. The first Women’s World Cup was held in 1874.

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