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The Most Ambitious Hockey Player of 2018

Taylor Hall from New Jersey Devils was awaiting this match for a long time. He almost alone managed to frive the Devils into the post-season.

It can be said that he was nearly the most dominant player throughout the 2017-2018 campaign, He scored 39 goals and 93 points totally in 76 game; even though, he was the New Jersey Devil’s offense. He outpointed his subsequent highest-score teammate by a dashy 41 points and Taylor Hall did not want the best offensive season of his career to be ended up with Game 82 was all done. Consequently, Taylor Hall tried very hard to inhibit that situation in Game 1 against the Tampa Bay Ligthning.

Hall started trying hard after the halfway of the second frame. With the Devil’ovs following 3-0, Taylor Hall was in the accurate place at the accurate time to catch a misfired pass and bite his first play-off goal. Afterwards, the halfway through the second frame, Taylor Hall showed his patience frnakly before catching an assist on Travis Zajac’s power play goal.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard Taylor Hall was and no matter what he had done to hamper the defeat, New Jersey Devils came up short by 5-2 in Game 1. It is mostly because Taylor Hall’s teammates did not support Hall properly or let’s saythey did not support him strong enough to get the win. Taylor Hall is a good player, but  since it is a team play, he is not enough to win by himself. So, the defeat was as it had been expected to be.

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